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POP Prod KICK OFf Meeting

Kick off meeting

It all starts with a first meeting during which you share your ideas with us.

If you have a scenario , we go through it together to help you give it the best possible shape.

If you don’t have a scenario, we listen to your wishes and we offer you a written concept on which you send us your suggestions.


Video clip

We put a team at your disposal. Depending on the scope of your project, we can work in an ultra-light team (one or two people) or with a complete production team for more complex projects.

In any case, we make every effort to offer a positive and constructive work dynamic, in compliance with the standards in force, especially health.

We archive all our shoots on magnetic tapes guaranteed 30 years (LTO) and keep at least two copies in separate places. This way, you are guaranteed to never lose the fruits of your investment.

POP Productions is looking for junior journalist


We deliver your video to you via an online platform allowing you to add your comments.

At the end of each day, we add a new version so you can keep up with the work in progress.

We do not limit the number of corrections and the post-production phase ends once you are 100% satisfied.

We deliver your files to you in every imaginable format, in every aspect ratio, including vertical and square formats for social media.


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Do not hesitate to describe your project to us and we will get back to you very quickly with a detailed, free and non-binding quote.